The web pages are provided for information only. The information is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Email Communication

Please do not assume email is confidential. Sensitive and highly confidential subjects should not be discussed through the email system because of the potential for interception of messages, and the potential for transmission of messages to unintended recipients. Electronic mail must not replace the crucial interpersonal contact that is the very basis of the patient-doctor relationship.


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If you call upon our services, we will ask you for contact details including your name, address, phone numbers and email address. We will store this on our encrypted database and assume you are happy with this and that we have your consent to do so.

We will assume that you are happy for us to do so, and that you give consent for us to store and use this data for the care episode(s) only. If you do not want us to store any data or you wish us to change any details we have, email or use the contact form on our secure website. We only hold the basic contact details and do not have any financial records stored.

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