The information on the linked pages is intended to explain, hopefully reassure and reduce anxiety about the common gastrointestinal or liver conditions, or having endoscopy tests.

It is normal for any patient to experience anxiety when preparing for an endoscopy or any other test for the first time. Anxiety can be a vicious cycle, with the stress and physical symptoms causing sleeplessness, which in turn makes the anxiety worse as the ability to cope is diminished.

Reasons for anxiety vary from fear of the unknown to having a bad experience with a previous test, e.g. claustrophobia with MRI. Endoscopy anxiety can also be caused by hearsay information from the patient's loved one or a friend, and fear of the possible result, e.g. endoscopy showing a serious diagnosis.

An important step in dealing with anxiety is to become as well informed as possible regarding the presenting illness, the test or procedure, likely diagnoses and management option(s). When the anxiety is related to the test and explaining the procedure doesn't provide adequate reassurance, a prescription drug therapy to calm the patient may help. Anti-anxiety medications, typically diazepam or temazepam, are used for this purpose, and taken 1-2 hours before the test. For severe anxiety, a preliminary visit to the department and meeting the staff would be an option.

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