Private Consultations

Practice Hospitals

  • Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital, Leamington Spa, CV32 6RW
  • Circle Health Group (CHG) The Meriden Hospital, Coventry, CV2 2LQ

I have regular outpatient clinics and day case endoscopy lists at Nuffield Health Warwickshire (Leamington Spa).

I currently only offer ad hoc endoscopy lists at Circle Health Group The Meriden (Coventry) Hospitals.

Elective admission or urgent transfer from NHS hospitals is limited, assessed on a case by case basis, and subject to the patient’s clinical status.

After the consultation

I may recommend one or more of the following:

  • Blood tests or stool sample tests
  • Imaging or Radiology tests e.g. x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI
  • Endoscopy tests e.g. a gastroscopy (OGD) or colonoscopy
  • New or a change in medications
  • A referral to another specialist

Fees and Cost

If you have Private Medical Insurance, we will deal directly with your insurance company. However, many different health insurance policies exist. You are advised to contact your insurance provider about policy cover before going ahead with any tests or treatments. Insurance companies typically provide a pre-authorisation number to fund any endoscopy or imaging tests and treatment.

In the event of a payment shortfall due to policy exclusions or excesses, you are responsible for any fees that are not covered by your insurance policy. We will send you an invoice for the shortfall amount.

Self pay patients should check and confirm the investigation or treatment costs before proceeding.

My initial consultation charge is payable even if you subsequently decide not to go ahead with any investigation or treatment. It is separate to the hospital fees.

You could consider the CHG or Nuffield Health self-pay options. Please refer to the published CHG Meriden and Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital fixed price packages for guidance.

The hospital procedure or treatment package prices quoted typically do not include the initial consultation charge. An indicative consultant fee for initial consultation may be provided for guidance only.

Endoscopy tests

The key steps for an endoscopy test at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital are as follows:

My secretary will contact the patient (usually by email) regarding an appointment date, and outline the preparation required prior to attending the endoscopy test. Procedure information leaflets with fasting and dietary requirements are normally emailed to you.

For a colonoscopy, you are advised to collect the bowel preparation medications (laxatives) from the Pharmacy reception, next to the hospital main entrance. You may wish to ring in advance, to check the prescription is ready for collection, before you attend. Please note we are unable to post the actual prescription medications.

You will hear from the hospital main Booking Office with a letter stating the appointment date and time (admission time and planned procedure time) and a hospital patient information leaflet about the procedure.

You will receive a phone call from the hospital Endoscopy Unit staff about a week before the procedure date. This is the 'pre-op' assessment which identifies any medical conditions that require special attention before the procedure, and the opportunity to ask specific questions about the procedure. It would be really helpful to let us know of any change in your phone contact details or preference (landline or mobile).

It is a prerequisite that any patient requiring an endoscopy test is informed of the risks, benefits, and alternatives. You are advised to review specific procedure information in the linked pages, by clicking on the button below:

Blood tests or Stool sample tests

Blood tests can often be carried out on the same day of the clinic consultation, depending on fasting requirement, clinic time and phlebotomy service availability on the day.

You may return for blood tests on another day - there is no need to make an appointment. Blood tests may be done on the same day of an imaging test. This saves multiple visits to the hospital.

Stool samples (unless instructed otherwise) should be brought back and handed in at the hospital reception.

The stool sample for FIT test should be posted using the self addressed envelope in the pack. Please ensure the sample is correctly labelled and placed in plastic bag as instructed.

Imaging or Radiology tests

An imaging test (particularly an abdominal ultrasound) and an endoscopy procedure cannot normally be performed on the same day.

  • Ultrasound abdomen - this normally requires fasting beforehand
  • CT scan - this typically involves intravenous contrast. please highlight any problem in advance
  • MRI - this may require contrast

    All requests for imaging test will be booked for the earliest available slot. The requests are assigned to a specialist radiologist, who will report or perform the test. This radiologist will vet the request form for appropriateness and confirm additional requirements for the test e.g. intravenous contrast.

    The imaging tests involving intravenous contrast require up to date blood test results for renal function, within the past 3 months. If this is not available, you will be advise to have the blood tests before the test can be booked.

    You will be contacted by the Imaging Booking or Reception team regarding the date and time to attend the test.  

    If you have no other pending investigations and not contacted more than a fortnight after the imaging test, please call Michelle Huxley on 01926 436 342 or email

    After Investigation or Treatment

    Following an endoscopy procedure, a copy endoscopy report will be given to you on the day of the procedure. A further copy endoscopy report is sent to your GP or the referring consultant. If the endoscopy test and all investigation results to date are normal, you will be reassured and may be discharged at this point. If biopsies were taken, the results will normally be updated at a follow up clinic appointment.

    The results for blood tests or imaging tests are usually updated at a follow up clinic appointment. You may request a copy report of these test results. Please contact Michelle Huxley on 01926 436 342 or email

    If you do not hear from us about a follow up clinic appointment within the suggested follow up timeframe, please contact Michelle Huxley to discuss your requirements. 

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